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Selfless Service Of Former LSU Lab Leader Todd Shupe A Trait Worth Emulating

Leadership qualities come naturally to some. Those folks are also often the type who are ready and willing to step forward and put their skills to use. There’s no doubt that Todd Shupe, a former Louisiana State University (LSU)professor, lab director, and quality manager is a natural-born leader. His vision and oversight skill while directing the lab were boosted by 20 years of research and development skills plus 15 

more and a part-time consultant within his chosen profession in the wood sciences sector. However, the day job only tells part of the story. Todd Shupe, LSU’s former professor, has been an instrumental part of local, regional, and national Christian ministry outreach efforts. On this website, we’ll offer Dr. Shupe’s take on both topics but for the time being, let’s get to know him a bit better and understand his skills, personal beliefs, and ways that his knowledge and devotion have been put to use.

From 1994 through 2014, Todd Shupe was LSU’s foremost authority on wood, wood science, its utilization, safe usage and more. His well-rounded knowledge of the subject was formed through proprietary mechanical, physical and chemical testing as his lab worked performed for companies seeking U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval and registration. Alongside a team of four other scientists that he supervised, Todd Shupe was authoring final reports, answering to third party auditors, and was responsible for internal quality control. It’s true that most of us may not recognize the effort that goes into ensuring that the lumber we buy at a construction goods store is environmentally-friendly. However, Todd Shupe spent his time at LSU making sure that the possible negative effects of disposal of wood-based products, biocides and coatings were mitigated.

Outside of work, Dr. Shupe has dedicated himself to several men’s Christian ministries that seek to help men become Christ-like servant leaders in their house, church, and community.  . For example, his work with Grace Camp gave him the opportunity to connect with the children of incarcerated parents. He would teach children in this program how to fish and it has proven to be one of the most memorable programs that he has been involved in. Moreover, organizations like United Methodist Men, Gulf Men South and Iron Sharpens Iron has been a mutual blessing . As you can see, the two pictures that paint a whole of Todd Shupe both show how helping others remains at the core of what he does.

“So, every healthy tree bears good fruit, but the diseased tree bears bad fruit.”  Matthew 7:17 (ESV)